RSON Power

We offers services in Thermal Power (both gas and coal fired plants), Hydro Power Plant as well as in Transmission and Distribution of power. In this area, our services include investment planning, technical and financial analysis, business planning and regulatory affairs. Services in this sector have also been provided to private developers for the upcoming super thermal power stations.

RSON India Power’s complete range of services are provided to leading independent power producers and public utilities in India and neighboring countries in the hydropower, thermal, nuclear, and transmission and distribution markets. Services offered include preparation of pre-feasibility reports, detailed project reports and procurement documentation for project development, detailed engineering, construction management, project management and construction supervision. It has experience in using a variety of specialized software packages. 


  • Power potential studies
  • Optimization studies
  • Hydraulic designs
  • Civil structural designs
  • Electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical designs
  • Geology
  • Hydrology, including sedimentation studies
  • Construction planning
  • Financial and economic analysis
  • Power system analysis
  • Transmission & Distribution system planning
  • Design of substation and transmission lines up to 765 kV
  • Energy audits, loss reduction analyses and strategies
  • Distribution management systems
  • High voltage direct current transmission systems
  • Tariff design and analysis
  • Technical-economic evaluation
  • Utility restructuring and business planning
  • Surveys, investigations and reconnaissance studies
  • Risk assessment, due diligence and project appraisal
  • Condition assessment and asset valuation of existing facilities
  • Feasibility studies and detailed project reports
  • Basic and detailed design and engineering
  • Preparation of specifications, evaluation of bids and procurement assistance
  • Contract and construction management and site supervision and workshop inspections
  • Overseeing of performance guarantee tests and O&M audit 

Owners Engineer

Choosing a feasible project, that offer good return on investment is a very critical decision for the Developer seeking to be the Plant Owner. Selecting suitable technology, optimization of plant and facilities and timely implementation will make the project a profitable venture. While the following list is not exhaustive, it does indicate typical services which RSON provides to Developers / Owners: 

Project Development Phase

  • Site Selection Studies.
  • Power Potential Studies.
  • Geo-technical Investigations.
  • Feasibility Report/ Detailed Project Report.
  • Assessment of design and reliability concept.
  • Socio-environmental Studies.
  • Project Financial Model.
  • Assistance with pre-qualification and proposal preparation.
  • Regulatory compliance checks of Consents and Clearances.
  • Preparation of Technical and Commercial IPP bid.
  • Preparation of Technical and Commercial bids for tariff based bidding. 

Assistance upto Financial Closure

  • Preparation of EPC / Package specifications and evaluation of the bids.
  • Preparation of O&M bid specifications and evaluation of O&M proposals.
  • Assistance during “Security Package” negotiations.
  • Interfacing with Lenders, Advisors and Statutory bodies. 

Project Engineering

  • Basic design and engineering of the systems, including enabling works.
  • Detailed design and engineering including interface Engineering in case of package wise contracts.
  • Procurement engineering.
  • Review and approval of drawings and documents of contractors, including quality plans. 

Project Implementation

  • Project management and contracts administration.
  • Design audits, quality audits and payments certification.
  • Workshop Inspections.
  • Time scheduling, cost control and progress reporting.
  • Site construction supervision, commissioning assistance and witnessing. 

Services for Financial Institutions and Banks as Lender’s Independent Engineer

RSON provides expert services to financial Institutions/ Banks/ Lenders / Private Equity Firms & Hedge Funds during Pre-financial closure phase, Implementation phase, Performance guarantee testing and Project completion phase and Operation phase of the projects in evaluating and developing projects and by virtue of an extensive knowledge of the marketplace, can introduce investors to suitable likely projects. The services provided broadly include:

Pre Financial Closure Phase
  • Review of the project’s conceptual design and basic engineering, construction & operation plans.
  • Assessment of the fuel supply chain.
  • Assessment of Power Potential.
  • Assessment of the redundancy concept.
  • Review of Project Agreements (Power Purchase Agreement, Fuel Supply Agreement, Transportation Agreement etc)
  • Review of Permits and Licenses.
  • Assessment of EPC/various packages and O&M Contracts.
  • Review of financial model and Security Package Mechanism.
Implementation Phase
  • Monitoring of construction progress and monitoring Capital Cost & Disbursement
  • Adherence to time schedule & Budget.
  • Assessment of variation orders.
  • Regular reporting during construction up to commercial operation.
  • Quality Surveillance at workshops and Project Site.
  • Supervision of plant commissioning.
  • Assessment of the testing provisions.
  • Performance Guarantee tests- witnessing and evaluation.
  • Review of Punch List Closure.
  • Project Completion Certification.
Plant Operation Phase
  • O&M Systems and preparedness.
  • Examination of current and planned operating philosophy.
  • Regular reporting of operations (performance, statutory compliances, safety) over the term of debt.
  • Monitoring and reporting of budgets, revenues, O&M cost.
  • Assessment of proposed plant modifications.
Services as Technical Advisor

There is a worldwide trend for Governments to encourage private participation in power generation, transmission and distribution projects RSON has expertise in providing services in privatization transactions.

Development Phase
  • Advice on energy policy.
  • Establishing energy master plan.
  • Least cost expansion planning.
  • Regulatory framework.
  • Privatization master plan and road map.
  • Preparation of bid document (RfQ and RfP).
  • Implementation of complete tendering procedures.
  • Coordination during the privatization process.
  • Development of tariff payment schemes.
  • Shortlisting the best-suited investor/developer.
Project Implementation Phase
  • Monitoring of the project implementation progress.
  • Follow up of “Security Package” agreements.
  • Evaluation of tariff re-openers.
  • Assessment of plant performance for compliance with contractual obligations.
  • IPP – Solicitation up to Financial Closure
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of tariff/ IPP-bids.
  • Develop a financial model to be used during bid evaluation and “Security Package” negotiations.
  • Development of bid negotiation strategies.
  • Preparation of risk allocation matrix.
  • Assistance during “Security Package” negotiations.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Implementation Agreement.
  • Training of staff of government and utility.
Services as Detailed Engineering

During the execution of the project, RSON provides both Basic as well as Detailed Engineering Services to EPC / Turnkey Contractors in all disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Control & Instrumentation. The services provided broadly includes:

  • Proposal Engineering and Bidding Support.
  • Basic Engineering.
  • Designing of systems, structures and sizing of equipment.
  • Preparation of procurement specifications and offer evaluations.
  • Contract negotiations.
  • Preparation of detailed design drawings/documents for construction/ Installation.
  • Trouble shooting during erection, commissioning and operation.
  • Supervision of construction and erection.
  • Quality Surveillance at workshops and Project Site.
  • Preparation of performance guarantees test procedures.
  • Performance testing and evaluation.
  • Preparation of As-built drawings.
Specialised Studies

RSON carries out specialised studies for utilities, owners/developers and contractors, which facilitate decision making. RSON carries specialised studies in all sectors of its operations. The type of studies includes:

  • Site Selection.
  • Route Survey.
  • Power Potential.
  • Selection of Technology.
  • Comparative Studies.
  • Market Survey.
  • Asset Valuation.
  • Energy Audits.
  • Load flow and short circuit analysis.
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Engineering and Power Management Services for End to End Energy Solutions

  • Feasibility reports
  • Detailed Project reports
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Construction and commissioning supervision
  • Project Management
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Energy Audit and Benchmarking Services

We also deal in coal trading and coal liaisoning. We not only supply coal but also conform to quality standards which are at par with international standards. Our sharp scrutiny and supervision enhances reliability at every stage of the process. We have the competitive advantage of providing our services at competent price.
We procure coal worldwide i.e. USA, Indonesia, Australia, and African countries. We maintain strict supervision system and ensure safe transaction of coal. We respect credibility and carry transparent transactions. Our experienced staff gives step to step consultancy with their preeminent feasible approach. We make coal a no hurdle task for our clients.