RSON Capital and Project Funding

RSON Group is engaged in providing advisory services to Indian Corporates, MNCs and NBFCs to raise offshore and domestic financing.

The growth of RSON Group’s operations have also come with the opportunities to keep expanding the group’s operations domestically and internationally, as well as the need to optimize the group’s finances through investments in financial instruments. The RSON Capital business pillar was established to take on all these roles to capitalize on the group’s financial resources and extensive networks for capturing profitable investment opportunities that will generate significant returns for the shareholders.

RSON Capital has been making its way to be one of the group’s profit centers by engaging in several business deals and is rising to play an even bigger role in the group by constantly seeking the lucrative potentials in both real and financial sectors. The RSON Capital pillar is supported by several subsidiaries based overseas.

RSON Group’s strategic expansion of metallurgical coal portfolio which will strengthen its foothold in the metallurgical coal market and support its growth over the longer term.